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Get ready to bring the house down with an entire night of turbo-charged performances from Melrakkar, Permaband and DJ Apfelblut vs. DJ Ívar Pétur.



Hit the lights, and get ready to go insane, because Melrakkar is about to blow Harpa away with as Iceland's kickass Metallica cover band.



Permaband, the most sought after band in the galaxy, is rumored to do only one gig per year for a very select group of people, and you're that group! Get set to sing along to HTFU, the song that started it all.


Dueling DJs

DJ Ívar Pétur's eclectic tastes unleash a set with something for everyone as he goes one-on-one with DJ Apfelblut, a globe-trotting mixmaster who brings everything from hot classics to the latest white labels to his set.


Don't miss this legendary Fanfest finale!