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Experience the nightlife of Reykjavik with fellow EVE fans and members of the CCP Dev team during Fanfest's Pub Crawls with a Dev. The reality is that Reykjavik is a great city with a great nightlife. If you had a couple of weeks, you could figure it all out on your own. You more than likely don't have weeks to find the best, so we're here to hand it to you... all at once in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of dark bars, funky cocktail lounges, thumping clubs and classic taverns across Reykjavik. The theme of the night is simple - mind-blowing fun! You won't want to miss this unique experience, so be sure to get your ticket as soon as possible at Fanfest and sign-up with your favorite Dev because last Pub Crawl sold out in a heartbeat.

The events starts at 9pm in Harpa on the Friday night (March 20th) of Fanfest. Tickets to the Pub Crawl and other special activities are available in the Fanfest ticket sales section in EVE account management.

"Q&A panels with developers are nice. Spending time with an early build of an upcoming game is fun. Talking with fellow fans can be entertaining. But can any of that really compare with the prospect of getting drunk off your ass in the company of the people who make one of the most unique MMOGs in the world?" - Escapist magazine