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This year we are shaking things up a bit in the PVP room. Instead of time intensive big tournaments we will be running single match sit and go EVE Online tournaments from 12-17 each day of Fanfest. It's simple, just show up, sit down and play a match, if you win, collect your prizes. In the event you don't win, we'll still give you a prize for competing and you can simply get back in line to try again to get that lucrative victory.

The EVE Online sit and go tournament will feature two tournament stations running simultaneously with intense 5 on 5 action. All ships will be pre-fit by seasoned tournament veterans so you don't have to worry about fitting your ship, just grab the one you want to fly and you are ready to go. Our tournament referees will then teleport you and your ship to the arena and start the countdown for the match. The goal of the match is simple, destroy all enemy ships while staying inside the 125km radius of the tournament arena. 

If you fancy some DUST 514 action you can sit down grab a controller and dive into a battle for a chance to qualify for the DUST 514 All-Star match on the Saturday where big prizes are at stake.