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We will have two tournaments running at Fanfest. One is an EVE Online exclusive tournament, while the other is a combined EVE Online and DUST 514 tournament.


If you are interested in competing in either of these tournaments, please take the time to read this. These tournaments will be magnificent events to add to EVE Online's 10th anniversary and we assure you that you will not want to miss them!


For the DUST 514/EVE Tournament site go here.


EVE Online Fanfest 2013 Charity Tournament:

This tournament will be a point-value tournament such as the New Eden Open and the Alliance Tournaments have been, with a new format for the Fanfest EVE tournament. Teams will consist of 5 players, with a total of 16 teams competing in a single elimination bracket format.


Signing up to the EVE Online Fanfest 2013 Charity Tournament will be handled prior to Fanfest. We will use a silent auction of PLEX to bid on one of the 16 spaces available, with the PLEX going to charity. The method for signing up for the EVE Online Fanfest 2013 Charity Tournament will be the following:


  1. Get together 4 of your friends that will be going to Fanfest 2013 and choose one team captain
  2. The captain for the team will send an email to, listing the amount of PLEX your team bids on one of the 16 spots.
  3. The auction will run from the 17th of April to the 21st of April. We will then send out a confirmation email to the 16 teams that win a spot.
  4. The captain for each team contracts the amount of PLEX their team bid to the character 'CCP Office Tour'.
  5. Once the contract is accepted, the deal is sealed.


If you are traveling to Iceland at the time the auction ends and can't contract the PLEX at the end of the auction, feel free to contract it to 'CCP Office Tour' right after you send the email. We will cancel the contract if you do not get a spot and accept the contract if you do.


Please refer to the FAQ on our forums for more information.



1st place: • 30 PLEX for each player in the team, 20 beers for each player, best Razer swag bag• and much more…

2nd place:• 20 PLEX for each player in the team, 10 beers for the team, better Razer swag bag• and more…

3rd place:• 10 PLEX for each player in the team, razer swag bag, 10 beers for the team• and more…

Additionally, each player on each of the teams participating will receive an exceptionally rare Ishukone Scorpion Battleship, which will be handed out with the Odyssey expansion this summer.

For information regarding the rules and format of the EVE Online Fanfest 2013 Charity Tournament, please refer to this forum post.