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We realize that not everyone coming to Iceland wants to discuss the intricacies of ship fittings or market dynamics. We invite players to bring their wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or just friends, to accompany them on the trip to Iceland and participate in this excursion that takes place during the Friday of Fanfest. Not only that, but Sisters of EVE pass holders are invited to join in at the Party at the Top of the World on Saturday night!

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We will start the day with a pick-up at 9:30 in Super jeeps outside Harpa and take you around the ruggedly beautiful Reykjanes peninsula with its hot springs, tectonic rifts, volcanic craters and other moon-like landscapes. The endless lava fields in the raw and mysterious surroundings will make you feel like you're at the end of the world!

In addition to the sightseeing we will make several stops to let you experience Iceland even further and get tastings at various locations.

First off we will take you to the Viking world, a five exhibition museum located at the seaside with spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Here we will find a replica of the Viking ship Íslendingur, demonstration of Norse mythology and legends along with an exhibition of the settlement of Iceland. After a stop at the Viking world we will continue to the town of Sandgerði where we will make a stop for lunch at the beautiful restaurant Vitinn (eng. Lighthouse). Located by the harbor with a view of the ocean and the friendly yellow lighthouse we will try out their fish/crab soup and get delicious Icelandic pancakes for desert.

After lunch we will continue to the rugged treeless landscape is located directly on the Mid-Atlantic ridge and we'll take you across the "bridge between continents", something you can't experience anywhere else in the world! For those interested there is a "Love-bridge" similar to the one in Paris where you can hang lockers for you and your loved one!

Our journey will continue down the Reykjanes peninsula into a fisherman village called Grindavik where we will make a stop at a famous baccalao restaurant Salthusid and have a tasting of the fresh baccaloe the area is famous for.

On our way back to Reykjavík we will go for off-road driving and visit the Krýsuvík geothermal area where you'll get to see mud springs in all different colors, and watch the mud boil in the ground heated by the underground volcanic activity.

This fantastic day will end in our cozy hut in Lambhagi where the group will have beer tasting of several different Icelandic micro brewed beers with the fun history of brewing between sips.


Estimated return to Reykjavík between 7 and 8 PM. Drop-off at Harpa.


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