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When your partner or you pick up your Fanfest ticket at the initial registration on Thursday morning or later at the Fanfest Info Desk, we will hand you your SoE pass. Remember that the adventure trip is on FRIDAY and access to the venue for SoE pass holders is saturday.



For Fanfest 2014, friends and significant others can experience Iceland like never before, so we are offering a package of activities with a hefty pricecut to make the trip worth while for the partners of the players attending Fanfest.


We realize that not everyone coming to Iceland in March wants to discuss the intricacies of ship fittings or market dynamics. We invite players to bring their wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or just friends, to accompany them on the trip to Iceland and participate in this excursion. Not only that, but Sisters of EVE pass holders are invited to join in at the Party at the Top of the World on Saturday night!


An SoE pass does not grant you general access to the Fanfest venue. The pass is priced just to cover the trip and the party is thrown in for free. If you want to access Fanfest as well, you will have to purchase a seperate Fanfest pass.



Details of the FF2014 SoE program are listed below.


Friday 02 of May 2014: South Coast of Iceland in Super Jeeps, glacier hike, beautiful waterfalls, black beaches, Geothermal power and more.

We will explore the South Coast of Iceland together in epic super jeeps accompanied by a few EVE Developers.


It is a magical area filled with adventure opportunities. Vast black lava beaches as far as they eye can see, massive waterfalls, fascinating rock formations and enchanting glacier tongues, all within an arm's reach.


We start the day by visiting Iceland's geothermal power plant's flagships Hellisheidarvirkjun, where guests will be explained how Icelanders harness the geothermal energy in the sustainable manner.


Just a few minutes away we will be splashing through countless rivers and enjoying a bumpy ride around the volcano Hengill. We will enjoy lunch in a colorful Icelandic house at the foot of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Our hosts will also offer us to taste local delicacies.


Speaking about the volcano, it's now time to stop at the exhibition in Thordvaldseyri and feel first-hand what it is like to have a huge volcano looming over your shoulders. This museum was opened on April 14th 2011, just exactly one year after the start of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption.

We'll also visit Dyrholaey; a 120 meter high rock inhabited by numerous types of birds, including the puffin, and to top it off we'll make a short stop at Solheimajokull glacier tongue where you get a chance to observe the amazing glacier, take a short (30min) hike on the ice, and collect some ice for a glass of local snaps.


During the day we will also stop by of Iceland's most famous waterfalls; Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss both thundering down 60 meters and of course speed in our jeeps across endless and black beach.



  • Guided super jeep drive all day (around 10hrs trip)
  • Entrance to Hellisheidi power plant exhibition and guided visit
  • 2 course lunch including tasting of local Icelandic delicacies
  • Entrance to the Thorvaldseyri exhibition center
  • 30min glacier hike on Solheimajokull glacier
  • A shot of Brennivin ( aka Black Death ) along with a branded shot glass to take back home

Don't forget: Good shoes, and warm outdoor clothes are very important.

Please check out the pictures from previous SoE trips :)