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The 2017 Fanfest beers!

Given that we're celebrating the 13th iteration of Fanfest this year and the 20th anniversary of CCP, the festivities would not be complete without delicious Fanfest beer. 
This year we've got four new brews for you guys to enjoy, and we'll be unveiling them in downtown Reykjavík before Fanfest 2017 kicks off. A delicious ale, light and dark lagers, plus a traditional Matari stout will be on tap at a selection of bars downtown for your refreshment.
  • Amarr – “Apostle Ale”
  • Caldari – “Leviathan Lager”
  • Gallente – “Dark Dominix”
  • Minmatar – “Slasher Stout”
The uncasking of the beer and first tasting will happen at Prikið, in downtown Reykjavik at 16:00 UTC on Monday April 3rd, where a selection of devs will be on hand to raise a glass to the kickoff of Fanfest week here in Iceland!
We're looking forward to seeing many of you there!
Besides Prikið the beers will also be available at Bravó, The Drunk Rabit, Bryggjan Brugghús, Hressó, English Pub and Húrra during Fanfest.